SP120 Texture Spray Machine


The KEISERtools SP120 is a new, compact texture spraying unit for all textured plasters with a grain size up to 1.5 mm, fillers and EIFS adhesives.

Primarily plaster and stucco, this powerful pump is also popular for pressure grout, vermiculite, swimming pool finish and pipe line refurbishment.

The SP120 comes fitted with an Air compressor, a 20L hopper, a 10 m hose, a pneumatic spray gun and a 4 mm nozzle.


A performance capability of 0-10 l/min and ability to handle materials with a grain size up to 1.5 mm make the SP120 the perfect partner on the building site.


Thanks to its compact dimensions on wheels, it is easy to transport, Light enough to carry and will fit on any scaffolding. The SP120 is the ideal plaster spraying pump for use in the small commercial sector as well as for large projects.

Ideal for:

Fireproofing, Plaster/stucco, Texture Spray, Injection work, Pipe and manhole relining, EIFS, Mortar and grouts, Pressure grouting, Floor levelling compounds, Concrete repairs, Specialty materials.

Technical Specifications:

Weight 38 kg
Motor output 1,2 kw
Voltage 230V / 50-60Hz
Max. Delivery rate 10 l/min
Max. Hose length 20 m
Max. Delivery height 10 m
Max. Grit size 1.5 mm
Max Pressure 10 bar


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