Plaster Smoothing Machine

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The SP3000 plaster smoothing machine allows you to get rid of the tedious manual work required to get a smooth finish and allows you to speed up your work effortlessly. Select any speed between 75-350 RPM, thus adapting it to fit your requirements.

With a wide selection of accessories, the PS3000 is not just suited for plaster finishing, it is also ideal for smoothing of concrete elements and gypsum multi finish.

The plastic smoothing pad allows you to level and smooth the semi dry surfuce.

The smoothing sponge allows you to smooth the surface and remove the Suspended sand grains on surface, as well as it can be used to clean and remove the remains grouts on tiles.

The Sanding paper of 40 grit size allows you to smooth the dry surface and remove remains grains.

Whether it is plaster, lime-cement render, clay plaster, synthetic resin plaster, mineral plaster or silicate plaster - the PS3000 allows you to work faster with less effort and time.


Technical Specifications:


Weight 3.5 kg
Motor output 850 W
Voltage 230V / 50-60Hz
Finishing speed 0-350 rpm
Floating pad dia. 380 mm
Smoothing sponge dia. 390 mm
Sanding paper dia. 380 mm



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