W999 Injection Machine

KT W999

The injection-machine KT W999 allows easy and fast injection of synthetic resin at a build-up pressure above 400 Bar into concrete cracks with the aid of our injection packers.
The injection-pump KT W999 has a coupling flanged to a reduction gear which can be attached to any standard electric drill with a detachable chuck and a 17mm key face.
An even working pressure and a consistent delivery is ensured by the regular speed of the drill.
The delivery volume of the injection pump is around 30 litres per hour.

The tank has a capacity of 1 litre.

* This unit is used on thick concrete walls and not suitable for crack injection on light concretes and thin slabs.


Technical Specifications:


Electric 220V & Piston


810 W

Max. pressure

400 Bar / 5800 psi

Max. delivery rate

1.0 L/min

Max. hose length

5 m

Net weight

7 kg



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